Water Wells
With over 40 years combined experience, we specialize in the drilling and development of water wells...more>
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Water Conditioning
We currently specialize in the installation and service of Residential Water Softeners, Iron Filters, Acid Neutralizers and Ultraviolet Lights...more>


Drill Rigs
We are equipped with 3 drill rigs that are capable of drilling 6" up to 22" bore holes.
  • (1) Ingersoll Rand T4-W
  • (1) Sterling Driltech
  • (1) Schramm T450

Vacuum Extraction Vehicle
Our 2000 gallon water tanker gives us the ability to haul water and also to remove excess mud and waste to keep any project site at clean working conditions.
  • (1) International Vac-Truck

Crane-mounted Truck
The boom-mounted crane truck gives us the ability to crane large equipment and any materials that are too heavy for the winch on the drill rigs.

Rig-tender Service Truck
Mounted with water and fuel tanks to supply the drill rigs and welders and generators for working with casing or any other needs. These service trucks are equipped for whatever may happen on the construction site.
  • (1) Water and Fuel Tank Mounted Service Trucks

Mobile Pump Testing Unit
This unit is equipped with the generator, control box and pump system necessary to pump test your well.
  • (1) Truck-Mounted Mobile Test Unit

Pump Truck / Service Vehicle
This unit is equipped with the generator-driven poly reel necessary to quickly and efficiently remove up to 600' of poly and pump from your well for installation or service needs
  • (1) Pump Installation and Service Vehicle

Excavation Equipment
Our excavation equipment gives us the versatility to dig a trench for any size needs. Whether you need a trench for installing a pump line or a geothermal field pipe layout, we can take care of it

Rock Wheel Service
Our Rock Wheel is used for Residential and Commercial applications where hard soil conditions make it difficult to use common excavation equipment. The Rock Wheel is a cost effective means of excavating a trench without the costly use of a hammer to remove the hard soils

Pressure Washer
This equipment is commonly used for proper cleanup of walkways and driveways or any finished surfaces in need of hot or cold high pressure cleaning.
  • (1) Hydro Tek Pressure Washer

We are equipped with a large range of trailers in various weight classes that are designed to haul items up to and exceeding 10,000 lbs.